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Power Washing
Heating & Air Conditioning
(licensed EPA technician)
(kitchen and bathroom)
(fixing and cleaning)
Windows and Doors
Basement Finishing
Deck and Patio
Christmas Lights Hanging

About Me

My name is Carlos Vargas and I like to do handywork. Long time ago I started working as a contractor worker and gained a lot of experience since. I learned all kinds of jobs.

Starting a new business was difficult but interesting. I started attending a school and gained new and valuable skills.

Carlos Vargas in HandyMobile

And as of today after those years I am Heating and Cooling specialist licensed with EPA License, also received a Commercial Drivers License class A driver and experienced contractor with many skills.

Instead of focusing on large-scale home renovation projects, I focus on small to medium sized home repairs and improvements. I can build, install, repair or improve just about everything around your house. There is no need to call a plumber, a carpenter and an electrician to complete a particular job.

If you ask what I am skilled the most, that would be the doors and windows. Commercial and residential grade, regardless of simplicity they bear many complicated secrets.

I also have assembled a team of skilled contractors who I can rely upon. With constant learning curve I receive a knowledge of new better materials and advanced technologies that I can immediately apply in my work.

I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with my work. Any entrusted contract will be accomplished professionally, with use of the high-quality materials and tools according to Customer's preference. Accuracy and order on the work site are my highest priority. I can work with you at each and every phase of your project from conception to final finishing. I begin by reviewing carefully your project needs, assessing all options and providing you with all different possibilities. I always keep my promises and offer quality service at lowest price possible delivering the job on time

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am looking forward to working for you.

References available. Fully insured.

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